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Rex Sports is a recreational sports company in Victoria, B.C. We are on a mission to provide organized and professional sports leagues, camps, and tournaments that positively enhance the lives of others. Through sport, we are determined to make people happier, healthier, and better.Owner/operators Dylan Marsden and Cayce Fedberg were both general athletes growing up; Dylan played baseball, hockey, and basketball. Cayce played soccer, volleyball, and basketball. They became friends and competitors on the basketball court back in High School. 10 years after graduating high school they sat down to build something that would not only allow them to live more fully but create an environment for others to do the same.In June of 2019, Rex Sports was born. While our history has primarily been in a Global Pandemic, we have found ways to grow and chase our mission. Rex Sports is the ownership group behind Passion Sports Basketball & South Island Volleyball.Rex Sports is, and always will be, a work in progress. We are constantly looking for new ideas and dynamic ways to improve. This is just the beginning.

Capital Basketball Association

The Men's Capital Basketball League

The Men's Capital Basketball league is made up of 8-12 teams spreading across two divisions and runs twice per year. The league aims to be as professional as possible and offers fully officiated gameplay, stats, trades, photos, video, league awards, and much more.

The Women's Capital Basketball League

The Women's Capital Basketball League is a 4-6 team league that runs once a year during the Spring to Summer months. The league is a 5v5 fully officiated league with full stats, photos, video, league awards and so much more. The league is catered towards experienced female hoopers ready to compete at a high level and have a ton of fun!

The U18 Capital Invite Basketball League

The U18 Capital Invite League (“CIL”) is an elite 4-team league run once a year. This league will follow the 2 Rex Top Prospect Identification Camps over Christmas and Spring Break. With only 36 players invited, this league won't be easy to make. If you do make it, this will be your chance to display your full skills in a 5v5 officiated game setting.

Rex Spikeball League - October - December 2022

Welcome to your new favourite thing to do on a Sunday night all fall!Rex Sports is running a 20-team Spikeball League on Sunday nights at Juan de Fuca Rec Centre on an indoor Turf Field!!Rex Sports Spikeball League is a 2-on-2 coed, open format Roundnet league played on Spikeball Pro nets. Each week, teams are grouped into pools of 5 or 6 and play 5 matches per night. Teams are ranked based on previous weeks’ results, so whether you’re an advanced or beginner player, you’ll always be playing at your skill level. All skill levels welcome. Rules and format will be explained thoroughly by a staff member at the beginning of each night.October 16th - December 22ndAges 16+6:00pm - 8:00pm9 Sessions$63 per team

The Rex Team

Meet the team that makes the amazing programming of Rex Sports happen.


Director of Operations and Marketing


Director of Business Development


Basketball Program Leader & Coach


Basketball Program Leader & Coach


Basketball Coach


Basketball Coach


Basketball Coach


Head Coach of Elite Training


Lead Official


Basketball League Officials Coordinator


Volleyball Program Leader & Coach


Volleyball Program Leader & Coach


Volleyball Coach


Volleyball Coach

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